Arabesque (Islamic art)

I have always viewed geometry in my art as a distinction between a digital reproduction (perfect geometry) versus something man-made (a crookedly drawn line). Whenever I incorporate straight lines or geometric shapes it is a nod to something created digitally and not of the natural world.

Today I read about Arabesque (Islamic art). Geometry is incorporated because “the spiritual world, which for many Muslims is the place where the only true reality exists. Discovered geometric forms, therefore, exemplify this perfect reality because God’s creation has been obscured by the sins of man.”

This to me means that geometric forms are created by a higher power, it is a reflection of the purity of the spiritual world, and the crookedly drawn lines of man is because we are tainted by our sins. This gives a completely new light for geometric patterns surfacing in my art.

"Mistakes in repetitions may be intentionally introduced as a show of humility by artists who believe only Allah can produce perfection."